Support PRC's Back to School Program!

Back to School is just around the corner and we are collecting school supplies and backpacks to help 150 students in Pacifica get ready for the new school year. 

Last year, we helped prepare 152 Pacifica youth for the new school year with backpacks and grade-specific school supplies. This year, we invite you to support our 2018 Back to School Program with a gift of a backpacks and/or school supplies.

Click below or use this link to view PRC's Amazon Wish List:

Complete List of Supplies on PRC's Wish List!

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To support PRC's Back to School Program, please order from our Amazon Wish List by July 31st with a delivery date by Thursday, August 2nd 2018. If you wish to buy items physically, in-store, then please drop off your contributions no later than 5:30pm on Thursday, August 2nd 2018.

NOTE: As of today*(*7/31), we still need 20 backpacks (preferably the option below in grey or black)

Costco Backpack 2018.JPG

Costco Backpacks Available In-store or Online!

High Sierra RipRap Backpack Assorted Colors

PRC supports the economic security of Pacifica families and individuals by providing a safety net of food, housing assistance, and other critical services, including coaching, advocacy, information, and referral. As part of this work, our Back to School Program helps our families use their limited incomes to stay housed and feed their families, instead of sacrificing groceries and rent money to prepare their children for school. And, when children have food and shelter and can go to school with the supplies they need, they have the tools to succeed academically.

The following is only a portion of the supplies we need. Please visit PRC's AMAZON wish list for our complete list. Thank you!

1212    pencils-Ticonderoga #2
620      pens-blue, ball point
539      pens-black, ball point
501      glue sticks-Elmer's or Avery  (reg, not washable)
377      folder - 2 pocket, no prong, plastic, 3 hole punch - any
306      sharpies (fine)  
301      post-it notes 3x3
291      binders dividers (5 pack)
261      binder 1 inch, other color
257      notebook-spiral, college ruled
249      pens-red, ball point
205      erasers-"pink pearl" 
177      paper, college ruled
167      sheet protectors (costco/amz)
149      index cards (1 pack)
144      composition book-college ruled, 100p, 9.75x7.5
134      backpacks (3rd grade-College), such as Costco High Sierra backpacks
122      pencil pouch (soft not a box)
117      eraser - white
97        highlighters (multicolor 4-pack)
94        baby wipes
90        paper, graph loose, 1/4 square
78        headphones, computer lab
75        pencil sharpener that holds shavings
73        highlighters - yellow
72        pencils-mechanical #2 w/ lead, multipack
72        white out, liquid
70        Crayola colored pencils (12 count)
70        Crayola markers (broad), classic
70        Crayola markers (fine)
70        Tissue box, Lg   costco
63        post-it notes1.5x2
60        Crayola crayons (24ct)
55        notebook-spiral, college ruled - 120pp
53        EXPO whiteboard markers fine blue or black
48        composition book-math graph (lg squares), 9.75x7.5
47        scissors-child pointed
45        binder 1.5 inch
45        hand sanitizer, any size
45        pens, green, ball point
45        stapler and staples-small
43        composition book-college ruled, 100p, 9.75x7.5, black
43        composition books, wide, 70+pgs
42        notebook-spiral, wide ruled
40        binder 2 inch
40        pens, ballpoint, any color

Thank you again for your support in helping our community's youth go to school prepared and ready to succeed through our Back to School program this year. All contributions to PRC are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law; our tax ID is 81-1496989.

Want to make even more of a difference with your contribution?

If you purchase items off of our Amazon list, Amazon will donate 0.5% to Pacifica Resource Center if you make sure to purchase through AmazonSmile. Simply double check that you are logged into rather than basic Amazon, and that you have PRC as your designated charity, and Amazon will automatically take care of the rest.

For more information on AmazonSmile and a setup how-to, please visit our Amazon Smile post.