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The average Pacifican household earns over $100,000 per year, but because of the high cost of living many families struggle to make ends meet. Whether you are facing a financial crisis or struggling to pay the bills,

PRC is here to help you!

Read below to see how PRC has helped other Pacificans though challenging times, beginning with our own staff.

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PRC Development Coordinator Robby Bancroft at Palm-a-Palooza, 2018 (Photo by Bradley Wittke)

PRC Development Coordinator Robby Bancroft at Palm-a-Palooza, 2018 (Photo by Bradley Wittke)

My father and I lost our family home in 2009 during what is referred to now as "The Great Recession". Nothing was great about having to pack over 20 years of belongings and memories into the back of our trucks and the uhaul with such short notice since we fought to the bitter end to stay but we were unsuccessful.

I often think about how our situation would have been different had we known about the programs and services available to us at Pacifica Resource Center. I'm reminded everyday that the work being done here is changing the lives of the families we serve so they don't have to feel like my family did, scared, hopeless, and alone.

I can't go back and change what happened or keep wondering "what if we had known PRC was here to help?". That is not helpful to me or others now. But what I can do is try and help as many Pacificans who are struggling in this booming economy with the basic essentials that form the very foundation of a home. Sharing my story is not easy but if it will help a fellow Pacifican walk through that door to see what is available to them then that's all it takes. No matter how hard it may seem, we are in this together, we are PRC.

PRC Food Programs Coordinator Rose Davis at Family Harvest, 2019 (Photo by Kent Hwang)

PRC Food Programs Coordinator Rose Davis at Family Harvest, 2019 (Photo by Kent Hwang)

Years ago, I found myself in a tough financial situation. Thankfully a couple of friends who I confided in told me about PRC. After many attempts of trying to find the courage to go in, I did it. I was greeted by a woman with a calming nature and the biggest smile. Within a few minutes my nerves had settled, and I scheduled an appointment for a couple of days later. When I left the office, I was no longer trembling inside. The woman who helped me said that things would be okay... that my family & I would be okay. What mattered the most is that I believed her and I believed in myself again. I no longer felt helpless and alone!  

Several years later, and in a much better situation, I was asked if I could help out with PRC's Produce Mobile.  I jumped at the opportunity.  Volunteering and helping others has always been a passion of mine.  That one afternoon was the boost that I needed to get involved in our community again.  I was thankful for each opportunity to volunteer at PRC.  Time spent working with the staff and assisting people within our community was a gift that I very much needed.

Now I'm so incredibly thankful to be a part of PRC's team.  Our staff is amazing.  That woman who greeted me so many years ago was Marina Castellanos.  Her smile and kindness is genuine - she truly has a gift.  Our clients mean the world to me.  If telling a little bit about my story helps others find the courage to ask for the help that they need, they won't regret it.  The PRC team is dedicated and will do all that they possible can to help each and every person who walks through the door.

PRC Direct Services Manager Marina Hernandez at Palm-a-Palooza, 2017 (Photo by Kevin Burleigh)

PRC Direct Services Manager Marina Hernandez at Palm-a-Palooza, 2017 (Photo by Kevin Burleigh)

People often ask why I do this job. They wonder if I understand what it is like to be hungry and homelessness. If I know about addictions, divorce, or been a single parent. I understand it all very well, and that is the reason I do this work. After all my experiences, I have a great passion for helping any one in need. Here is my story: 

When I was only 7 yrs. old my family lost everything that we owned because of a parent that was suffering from alcoholism and we become homeless. Later in life, as a single immigrant mother, there was a time when I did not have food for my daughter and I. Because of my Immigration status, I didn’t know that I could reach out for help and get services. My neighbors noticed that I was having a hard time, and came to my aid so my daughter and I did not go hungry. They provided enough food until my next pay check. That’s why the PRC mission of “neighbors helping neighbors” means so much to me. 

As a DV survivor I know how much courage it takes to say “I’ve had enough” and how difficult it is to navigate the system. Thanks to the encouragement of a sweet social worker, who did not judge me, I got enough courage to make a plan and eventually leave an abusive relationship! Now I am part of The San Mateo Domestic Violence Council helping bring awareness to the community. At PRC, I am able to help DV survivors by providing guidance and moral support. I feel very strongly about helping anyone who is going through a hard time. I help everyone to make a plan and help them get the resources needed so they can get their lives back on track.


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