PRC's impact on our community

Preventing Homelessness in Pacifica

Last year, we prevented homelessness or sheltered over 300 Pacifica families through one-time housing assistance, motel vouchers, and shelter referral funded by state and local funds.

The Palmer family came to PRC when they got behind on their rent after Max – husband to Liza and father to their 6 year old son – was involved in a car accident and was unable to work. Max is a driver and Liza works as a clerk at a grocery store. The property manager refused their back rent and evicted the Palmers, forcing them to move. With PRC’s help, they were accepted to a below market rate (BMR) apartment and are in the process of applying for PRC’s housing assistance program to pay their move in costs. While their family recovers financially from Max’s accident, the Palmers continue to use PRC food programs and look forward to enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner together in their new home.

Empowering Families through Economic Security Services

We provided over 450 economic security services, including free tax preparation, financial coaching, and savings programs – all of which are long term solutions to help Pacificans become economically stable with resources to avoid and minimize future crises.

Grace is a senior living on a fixed income. Last year, she became homeless after years of struggle with her former property manager. She felt ashamed that she had become homeless. Through intensive case management and financial coaching, Grace felt empowered to accept a referral to a subsidized housing program. Earlier this year, she found a property owner willing to accept the subsidy. Grace moved her things out of storage, reducing her expenses, then felt ready to enroll in our Emergency Savings Program (ESP). She developed a savings plan and has been saving consistently. Grace will complete ESP this month with $300 in savings and feels confident that she can handle any unexpected, financial crisis.

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PRC Services at a Glance *


* In addition to the services above, PRC provided food support to benefits 23,167 Pacifica residents (duplicated).

* In addition to the services above, PRC provided food support to benefits 23,167 Pacifica residents (duplicated).

PRC Emergency Shelter and Housing Assistance

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