Are you or anyone you know interested in the 7-day stay at the Golden Buddha Resort in Bali for the winning bid amount of $2,800? Additional trips are available exclusively to PRC until 10/6/17. Please call (650) 738-7470 or email so we can make the arrangements. Terima Kasih! (Thank you!)

Jet Set To Bali PRC Palm-a-Palooza 2017 Golden Buddha Resort Slide.JPG

Selamat Datang! (Welcome!) Experience the authentic Bali, far from the tourist crowds during your 7 Day Stay at the Golden Buddha Resort where staff strive to make each guest feel special. Your private cottage is nestled in a lush, rural setting that looks toward a mountain range and river valley, amongst unparalleled natural beauty. On site public amenities include a swimming pool, covered dining area, outdoor kitchen facilities, day spa, Garden Café, full bar and room service. Golden Buddha also offers on-site cooking classes as well where guests can learn how to prepare a variety of local dishes. You take care of the flight and we’ll provide the accommodations! Salamat Jalan! (Happy Trip!) (Dates by mutual agreement with Sojourn Ventures)