Did you know?

The average Pacifican household earns over $100,000 per year, but because of the high cost of living many families struggle to make ends meet. Whether you are facing a financial crisis or struggling to pay the bills,

PRC is here to help you!

PRC Programs & Services

All services are confidential and begin with a comprehensive needs assessment.

Together we review what you have and what you need to help you achieve your goals and become more stable.


Groceries are a major expense. If you need food or could use the $ savings to help pay for other expenses, you will not be turned away. We have a variety of grocery programs to choose from to meet your needs. 

Tuesday Groceries at PRC - No appointment necessary. Just bring your bags and line up to get your selection of groceries! 

PRC Pantry – Make an appointment to shop privately in our pantry. If it’s an emergency, we’ll get you in ASAP! We carry canned goods and other nonperishable items, as well as dairy and frozen meat. You can also drop by our lobby for fruit, vegetables, and other perishable items, while supplies last. 

Produce Mobile – Visit our Produce Mobile every 2nd Monday of the month at the Pacifica Baptist Church and get bags of fruit and veggies. It’s like a farmer’s market, but at no cost to you. Make an appointment to sign up in advance and shop even faster. 

Family Harvest – Shop our Family Harvest the 4th Wednesday of every month at the American Legion Hall. We have lots of fresh veggies and fruits plus many staple foods like milk, eggs, chicken, beans and rice. Family Harvest is for families with children under 26. Walk ups welcome, but signing up in advance is highly encouraged. Make an appointment today! 

Grocery Delivery – Starting in the Fall, we will be offering a grocery delivery program. Stay tuned for details.


If you are a Pacifica resident behind on your rent, mortgage, or utility bills, we will work with you to help find programs to help pay your rent or mortgage, make a security deposit, or pay utility bills that have fallen behind.

Rent or Mortgage Assistance - We may be able to provide a one-time rental or mortgage grant to help you stay in your home (average grants are $2,000). If you need to move to a new home, even outside Pacifica, we may be able to help pay security deposits. 

Utility Payment Assistance - If you are past due on your utility bills, PRC can help find programs to help with a one-time payment of your bills. This includes PG&E, garbage/Recology, and water bills.


PRC will help you with kid related expenses and baby basics so that some of your family’s most critical needs are met. 

Baby Basics - Baby formula and diapers are some of the biggest expenses for families during their baby’s first year, and beyond. We have diapers and formula on hand, and can provide baby equipment on a limited basis. 

Back to School & Summer Programs - Our back to school program provides school aged Pacifica children (K-12) with a new backpack and grade specific school supplies. Referrals for new school clothes may also be available. Over the summer we also offer a limited number of youth bus passes and scholarships for summer youth programs.

Call us to schedule an appointment: 650-738-7470

Meet with one of our Case Managers who will help identify all services for which you are qualified through PRC or partner agencies.


Tax Preparation – All tax services, including e-filing, are provided at no cost by tax preparers trained on tax law and certified by the IRS. If you earn under 80% of AMI (for example, $129,150 for a family of 4), we will help you! And, we’ll make sure you get the state and federal Earned Income Tax Credit if you qualify. 

Earn it! Keep it! $ave it! 

During tax season – Save $50 and we’ll give you a $20 gift card! Save up to $300 for one year and we match your savings $ for $. And... you are eligible to enter a contest for a chance to win $100 from the national “save your refund drawing”. Plus, the potential to win a $25,000 grand prize. 

Year round – We offer other savings programs and financial coaching. Together, we explore your finances and help create a plan for saving and managing your money to meet your needs. You are the expert in your life and we here to help.


We help make your Thanksgiving and Holidays extra special through our Holiday Joy Programs 

Thanksgiving - PRC wants to help your family celebrate Thanksgiving by taking away some of the burden of buying extra food! We provide Safeway gift cards and groceries, allowing you to have the things you need for a joyful Thanksgiving with the ones you love. 

Holiday Joy Gift Program - Our Holiday Joy Gift Program is for families with children 17 and under. Your children write a letter that includes a list of holiday gifts they would like. We match your family with gift givers that are eager to help make your holidays extra special. These gift givers will donate the fun and useful gifts your children asked for in their letters to bring even more holiday joy.


If you are unhoused, living in a vehicle, or couch surfing, please reach out to us. PRC is the point of entry for homeless services in Pacifica and we also offer a variety of other programs and services. We want to help you become and stay housed, have groceries and a hot meal, and be prepared for job interviews and other appointments! 

Shelter and Other Housing - Connect with PRC to explore your housing options, access shelter, and be considered for a housing voucher to help pay your rent. We work with agencies to find out what is available and coordinate entry into housing programs, which are provided based on priority and an assessment of your needs. 

Groceries & Hot Meals - You don’t have to ever go hungry! At PRC we always have food available. While you’re here, get a cup of coffee or use our microwave for a hot meal. We know you don’t always have a place to store food, so meet with one of our case managers to be added to our walk-in pantry list and find out about other services for which you qualify. 

Shower at PRC - We have a private, fully stocked shower onsite at our office. Call to schedule a time to use the shower to prepare for work, job interviews, your housing search, as well as medical and other appointments. 

Street Medicine - Active PRC clients can be referred to doctors and psychiatrists, if needed. You can meet with these specialists onsite in our office.

Call us to schedule an appointment: 650-738-7470

Meet with one of our Case Managers who will help identify all services for which you are qualified through PRC or partner agencies.


Bus Tickets & Taxi Vouchers - If you need a bus ticket or a taxi voucher to get to your housing appointment, job interview, medical appointment, or other meeting, we can help. And, in some cases, we can give you a bus pass that is good for a month. 

Car Repairs & Registration – We can help you pay for necessary car repairs and also with costs related to registering the vehicle so you can get to and from work or other critical appointments.


Nurse on Site – We have a nurse on site every Tuesday for general check-ups, blood pressure checks and vaccinations for adults. 

Veterinary Clinic - PRC has a Veterinarian every other month on site to help with your pet’s physical check-ups and needed vaccines. 

Both are no cost to you. Walk-ins are accepted, but appointments are especially encouraged for the Veterinary Clinic as there is limited availability.


Clothing for Job Search - We can provide you with a gift card to purchase clothing or order it online for you, to help you look your best for all job-related meetings and interviews. 

Office Services - We have a computer lab with a printer, available for job and housing search or other basic computer needs. We also offer the ability to fax or use a phone privately.

Information & Referrals - If we don't offer it in house, we can refer you to one of our partners who do. For example, we can offer you a referral employment assistance, obtaining health insurance, or finding behavioral and mental health resources.

Call us to schedule an appointment: 650-738-7470

Meet with one of our Case Managers who will help identify all services for which you are qualified through PRC or partner agencies.